School’s 75 Year History Set In Time

Time capsule Parkgate March 2014

A time capsule will be buried on the site of the new Parkgate Shirley development on Friday 21st March by students and teachers from Haslucks Green Junior School to mark the 75 year anniversary of the school. They will bury the time capsule under the new Trinity Square, off Haslucks Green Road and a special flagstone with the year 2014 embedded will mark the spot.

BAM Construction, main contractor for Parkgate Shirley recently arranged for a helicopter to take an aerial photograph of all the students and teachers standing in a giant 75 on the school playground. A copy of the photograph will be placed in the time capsule together with memorabilia to mark the school’s 75th year.

Other items include poetry, their predictions of what life will be like in the future and various articles collected by the children, that reflect school life in 2014. The time capsule will then be opened in 2029, the school’s centenary year so that children in the future can get a flavour of school life today and see how things have changed.

Jo Fletcher, a member of staff, at Haslucks Green School said “we have had a great relationship both with the developer, Shirley Advance and BAM throughout the construction of Parkgate and the project has brought some amazing opportunities for the students from site visits to the design and building of a show garden last year at the Malvern Three Counties Show, for which we received ‘highly commended’ from the judges.

We were extremely fortunate to be given voluntary support from BAM through their Time Team challenge and staff from BAM created a wonderful vegetable garden on our school site.  The children are excitedly looking forward to growing vegetables and fruit, which they will enjoy with their lunch. We all eagerly await the opening of the new Asda and other retail units, which we have been able to watch being constructed over the past two years. A big thank you to everybody who has made the children from our school feel so welcome and included during the construction process.”

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